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About us

Edge For Com is a compliance and outsourcing team of certified tax accountants and tax experts with 15+ years of industry and consulting experience.

We focus on cloud-based solutions and innovative technologies in accounting and tax compliance.

We provide services to both "well-known" foreign companies and startup communities. Among our clients, there are IT corporations and startups, trading and industrial companies, service and marketing organizations, payment system providers and many others.

Our goals

Constantly exceed your expectations. You and us are on the same team.

Provide practical benefits to the business, rather than theoretical advice.

Our mission

Change the business perception of "outsourcing" as a vital component for successful growth.

Who trusts us

Why us

and expertise

We have 15+ years of experience in the industry and consulting (including Big4).

We have been working in 20+ projects for the companies from FORTUNE 500 and more than 45 projects for other companies.

We form a team of professionals for each project individually.

As we are interested not only in providing fast results, but also to exceed your expectations.

We work in MS Dynamics NAV | 1C | SAP | Twinfield | Xero | QuickBooks | SharePoint.

We use sophisticated accounting systems and platforms for protection / exchange of data, taking into consideration the specifics of business and your preferences.

No hidden fees and unexpected expenses.

We ask a fair price for our services, as we are interested in long-term cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership.

Our guarantees

Guarantee of financial responsibility
Your risks are reduced to 0! Each our mistake will be fully compensated.
Guarantee of information security and confidentiality
For each client, we set up a separate portal on the secure Microsoft Azure server, providing unique access to each individual.
Guarantee of high quality of services
Our work approach eliminates 99.8% of errors, as each project is being reviewed by a senior specialist.
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How we work

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Our cases

Case №1: You and us are on the same team.

Split accounting functions between clients’ specialists and ours for time saving and control.

What was done:

- Collaborative model of accounting.

- Cloud-based accounting systems - 1C: Accounting and MS Dynamics NAV.

The results:

- 24/7 access to data - the opportunity to work at a convenient time and split accounting roles between clients and us.

- Cost saving for outsourcing services, since routine operations are performed by your junior staff.

- Procedure of review, closing or non- standard operations’ posting is done by our experts.

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Case №2: Automatic accounting is real.

Automatically post incoming documents when they are received and access to posted documents within accounting system.

What was done:

- Using the functionality of accounting system, within one day we set up OCR provided by Lexmark with automated accounting in NAV.

The results:

- Bookkeeping of the documents is performed instantly with minor involvement of the accounting team.

- Primary documents, in PDF format are stored in the system.

- 24/7 access to the transaction source

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Case №3: US GAAP and UA GAAP in NAV is easy.

Save time due to double work for our Client - an international American company that maintained records in two accounting systems according to Ukrainian and American accounting standards.

What was done:

- Implemented two charts of accounts - US GAAP and UA GAAP in the Navision.

- Set up the system in such a way that accounting team enters data for local accounting, and system automatically processes entries in the corporate accounting.

The results:

- Time saving for routine work is performed by the accounting staff.

- The probability of human error influencing the reliability of corporate accounting was excluded.

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Case №4: Reconciliation of NAV and e-payment systems.

Conduct reconciliation between accounting records and payment systems (PayPal and Adyen) data for our client – leader in online retail of child products and develop control procedures with minimal involvement of accounting team.

What was done:

- Identified the discrepancies and reasons for their occurrence.

- Corrected and adjusted the accounting to exclude such discrepancies in the future.

- Implemented tools and control mechanisms that allowed to automatically verify and correct the data.

The results:

- Real picture of the accounting.

- Automated reconciliation.

- Saves time - from 3 days to 30 minutes.

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Case №5: Your business without borders.

Optimize the tax function and attract foreign clients for Ukrainian TOP-25 IT company by re-structuring the business.

What was done:

- Developed a business structure that allows the Client to work with foreign customers, developing and expanding their business not only throughout Ukraine, but also around the world.

The results:

- Developed model of work allowed to obtain new clients, receive investments and optimize tax function of the business.

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Case №6: Debt to equity conversion.

Before liquidation, our client required to close the multimillion-dollar intragroup loan to the parent company with no cash outflows.

What was done:

- Proposed a debt restructuring model in which the parent company (creditor), makes a contribution to the charter capital in the form of a claim to the LLC.

- The debt obligation was terminated by the merger of the creditor and the debtor in one person.

The results:

- Documentary support of this transaction and position of our experts allowed us to pass the audit with no penalties from the tax authorities.

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